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Custom Online Training


School-Focused Training On-Demand

We know that schools need to be sensitive to their budgets and not all schools can send staff away to conferences. Yet, we all need access to expert information and best practices. CSEE is now offering personalized video webinars for your school:

  • dealing with issues important at your school
  • offering evidence-based suggestions for your school
  • delivered to your school team or entire faculty
  • at a time that is convenient for your school
  • at a price affordable for your school

How it Works

In most cases, participants/attendees at the school would connect via a computer and view the presentation on a projector screen, with audio also projected. Smaller groups could gather around a computer terminal or two at the school.


$250-$400* (available to CSEE member schools only)

*Actual price depends on length of webinar presentation (normally 45-60 minutes) and preparation time needed. These school-focused webinars are tailored to an individual school, its concerns, its mission, and its personality. Preparation thus includes conversation(s) between the consultant presenter and the appropriate individuals at the school, study of the school via web site or other documents the school might want to provide, preparation of slides needed for the presentation, and a short practice session with the school to check video and audio.



Examples of School-Focused Webinars:

  • Advisory

School A is revisioning its advisory system and wants both new and old advisors to feel positive about new arrangements, and to contribute to developing them further. The school wants the staff to hear about the importance of advisory, and what other schools are doing with advisory programs; advisors want especially to have a host of meaningful activities, both to help them feel comfortable with the process and to accomplish their advisory goals. The school gathers advisors together in front of an LCD projector to participate in the CSEE-created webinar with one of its advisory consultants, after which advisors spend an additional hour engaging in activities suggested during the presentation, and discussing issues that arose in the presentation.

  • Community Service / Service Learning

School B wants to revitalize its community service program, concerned with a loss of both focus and enthusiasm. The school’s mission speaks to the creation of servant leaders for the 21st century, and—after discussions with the service coordinator, the head, and the dean of students—the purpose of the webinar is set to focus on School B’s mission-stated goal, and to do so in a way that might offer avenues to increased enthusiasm. In a one-hour session, the CSEE presenter reviews research on service, relates measures other schools have taken in similar circumstances, and offers suggestions for structuring the community service program. After the presentation, participants discuss the presenter’s suggestions and redo a few of them, based on their knowledge of the school and what might work best.

  • Honor Systems (Honor Codes / Councils)

School C has a new honor council starting in the fall and would like an outside expert to provide suggestions, and confidence, for new members. After preliminary discussions regarding the school’s honor code, how it is presented to the student body, and what the school’s greatest concerns are regarding both the code and infractions against it, the honor council members meet for a 35-minute webinar presentation, and then engage in questions and answers with the presenter for an additional half hour. After the webinar, the Honor Council Advisor has case studies for the group to discuss in light of the presentation.

  • Ethical Education/Character Education

School D has joined the list of institutions responding to the CSEE/NAIS-sponsored “Schools of the Future” call to upgrade efforts in ethical education across North America. The school wants assistance and suggestions for greatest effectiveness. In telephone discussions, the CSEE consultant and school officials discuss current practices and concerns about character education specific to the school, and the consultant presents a 45-minute session of recommendations and suggested activities for the assembled faculty regarding how they can both maintain high quality academics and nurture growth consistent with the school’s mission and Schools of the Future goals.



Get Started

Schools wishing to discuss specifics—or with questions—should call CSEE at (800) 298-4599, or email




CSEE | 910 M Street NW #722, Washington, DC 20001 | (800) 298-4599



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