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Visiting Scholar
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Visiting Scholar Program


Announcing CSEE's 2020-21 Visiting Scholars!


CSEE will have three openings for the 2021-22 school year. Applications are due in March 2021 (click here to pan down to application). 


CSEE's 19-20 Visiting Scholars


Keven Fletcher • St. Michaels University School

Currently serving as the Chaplain and Faculty Mentor at St. Michaels University School, Keven divides his time between public speaking, process facilitation, and exploring life choices with a globally diverse array of staff and students. His former congregational work centered on ministry with communities in the midst of crisis, building on his experience in the corporate world as a partner within an organizational change and development firm. He lives with his spouse in Victoria, British Columbia, where he commutes on his bike, dabbles in writing, and enjoys great food with friends.

Keven’s duties will include work on CSEE’s Chaplain’s event, Grief event, writing, and designing a tool for chaplain’s evaluation.


Robert Munro • Middlesex School

Robert Munro is the Director of Global Education at Middlesex School in Concord, MA. He is also the Co-President of the Board of Directors of the Robbins House, which tells the important and complex stories of Concord’s African American history. After completing his graduate work at Michigan State University, Rob began as a history teacher, coach, and archivist at Middlesex School. Rob writes, gives talks, and offers workshops on creating inclusive school communities, how to have difficult conversations, and citizenship education at both the high school and college level. He has developed two signature courses at Middlesex: Dialogues across Differences and Citizenship in Civil Societies. Both courses examine how we can bridge differences through empathetic communication and active participation in our many communities (local, national, global, digital) and why it is necessary to engage in these, often, difficult interactions in order to truly create inclusive communities. Rob lives in Concord with his wife, two daughters, and dog.

Rob’s duties will include a new online course on “Good Citizenship in the 21st Century,” our student leadership event, and writing.



Jennie Willens • Echo Horizon School

Jennie is the Director of Academic, Student and Community Affairs and Global Performing Arts Teacher at Echo Horizon School in California. She works closely with all school constituents on making connections, building healthy relationships, and developing vibrant learning experiences through the ALAS program, service and purpose learning, and social emotional learning. As an arts educator, Jennie built programs at Brentwood School (2002-2012) that focused on interdisciplinary learning; diversity in the classroom; and connected the skills of dance, theater, and music with self and community. At the Windward School, she was the Dean of Student Life and Experiential Learning, directing the service learning and advisory programs, student leadership, and student life initiatives, while teaching classes focused on social justice and civic engagement. Jennie is passionate about connecting with teachers across grade levels and has led professional development workshops on topics such as the “Critical Friends Protocol”, “Improvisation for Communication” and “Growing Relationships in the Schoolhouse.”

Jennie will work on CSEE’s new Dean of Students Event, an event on relationships, and will lead a re-write of CSEE’s classic Creating Classrooms and Homes of Virtue.

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About the Visiting Scholar Program

Thanks to the success of the previous visiting scholars and a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, CSEE seeks three scholars for the 2020-21 school year.

In this program, someone with a depth of knowledge in one of CSEE’s content areas works with CSEE for a year. This is project-based work that is done in addition to one’s regular position in a school. During the year, CSEE provides a platform for the person to share their knowledge with others in the independent school community … and also … the scholar picks one of CSEE’s areas in which they have little depth and works out a plan to increase their knowledge in that area. Following are more exact details about the program and below is the application information. Any questions may be directed to Bob Mattingly at the CSEE office. 


20-21 Applicants

Minimum Qualifications of Candidate
• Depth in one of the CSEE focus areas and an eagerness to teach other adults
• Desire to deepen knowledge in an unfamiliar CSEE focus area 
• Ability to work remotely with ease 
• Currently employed in an independent school. Strong preference is given to those at CSEE member schools. 

• There is not a minimum or maximum amount of time or obligation as to when during the 12 months the work is done. Rather, Scholar should have a vision for the projects that they would undertake. The amount and schedule of time would correspond with the project undertaken. 
• Communicate with CSEE staff about current issues in independent schools
• Attend at least two CSEE events (CSEE pays expenses for one event that the scholar presents at, and any one event that the scholar wishes to attend)

Some of the possible ways a Visiting Scholar might be involved
• Lead / speak at a CSEE event 
• Connect with other educators / practitioners in schools
• Help determine event topics, schedules, and speakers 
• Write the “Faculty or Parent Tips” or an article in Connections Quarterly
• Author a resource book
• Do Member Consultation
• Lead a “CSEE Virtual Department” 
• Lead an online event
• Engage with attendees at CSEE events 
• Present a faculty and/or parent webinar 

How this position will be beneficial to a Visiting Scholar
• Gain experience sharing knowledge on a national level
• Deepen personal knowledge because of close contact with CSEE resources and events 
• Attend any CSEE event without charge during the 2020-21 school year
• Travel costs for two CSEE events paid by CSEE
• Travel costs for an event the scholar presents at paid for by CSEE
• $6,000 stipend

Key Dates 
• Send notice that you intend to apply by Feb 21, 2021
• Application must be received by March 9, 2021
• CSEE will announce those selected in early April 2021

*While the official start date is July 1, 2021, those selected will probably need to devote time in the spring of 2021 working on enough details of their 2021-22 projects so that they can be announced to schools in May of 2021. 



Application Information

Please send:

A)    Current CV

B)    One letter of recommendation

C)    Your responses to the following questions: 


1)    Understanding of CSEE

Please describe your experience with or knowledge of CSEE (events, webinars, online events, Connections Quarterly, virtual department meetings, books, or other) and your understanding of the organization’s purpose in the independent school community.


2)    Your focus area  

a) Review the CSEE areas of focus under the topic area of our website. Identify which topic is an area of your expertise and describe why you consider yourself well-versed in this area. 

b) Describe what project(s) you propose to benefit the independent school community. Examples include, but are not limited to, presenting webinars, writing journal articles, presenting at in-person events and/or online events, chairing a virtual department. 


3)    What you wish to learn

Review the CSEE areas of focus under the topic area of our website. In which area(s) would you like to increase your depth of knowledge?


4)    What else? (optional)

While there is no expectation here, are there other areas of CSEE’s work in which you might be interested in lending a hand such as recruiting member schools, proofreading, website design, etc.?


For more information contact, Bob Mattingly at, or 202-236-4603.


Past Scholars

CSEE's 2018-19 Scholar

Lauren Brownlee

was our first Visiting Scholar! Lauren was the Director of Social Action and co-leader of the Diversity and Social Justice Team at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland. She has now moved on to be Upper School Head at Caroline Friends School. She is a frequent collaborator / presenter / organizer (PoCC, Private Schools with Public Purpose, ComeUnity Coalition, to name a few).

There were about 50 talented people who applied for this position in it's first year. Lauren stood out for her breadth and depth of knowledge in areas including student leadership and service learning, and diversity, equity and inclusion—important facets of the CSEE mission. Further, she delivers this knowledge with passion, warmth, and creativity.


Lauren got a lot done in her year as Visiting Scholar. She attended and presented at several CSEE events, started our online courses division, including her own course on "Building the Beloved Community," wrote regularly for Connections, led our Service Learning Virtual Department Meetings, and taught our staff so much about what is going on in Independent Schools today!

Lauren reported that her year as Visiting Scholar was the single best professional development experience she'd ever had. "I loved working on meaningful projects, engaging in collaborative writing, and being in community with all of you. Additionally, I learned a great deal not only from the conferences I went to and the monthly virtual department meetings I led, but very much from being in partnership with you." We are so thankful for her work and camaraderie! 



CSEE | 910 M Street NW #722, Washington, DC 20001 | (800) 298-4599



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