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Spiritual Development Resources


Spirituality: Secular and Religious    
New York, NY  •  April 24, 2020


Chaplain’s Event     
Los Angeles, CA  •  January 28-29, 2020



Spiritual development transcends the boundaries of both culture and religion. CSEE’s Pathmaps Project gathered the creativity and experience of educators from both secular and religiously affiliated schools to prepare curricular suggestions and activities for spiritual development.


Pathmaps Activities

Pathmaps is a collection of classroom activities that help students explore areas of student development such values and beliefs, meaning and purpose, self-knowledge and self-worth, within a multi-faith or secular environment (or single-faith, depending on your school). 

Activities for the 7 Dimensions

There are several dimensions of the spiritual life that lie at the very heart of the whole human being. Pathmaps activities and resources tap one or more of these interconnected, overlapping dimensions:  

  1. Values & Beliefs
  2. Intentional Action
  3. Relationship
  4. Meaning & Purpose
  5. Awe & Mystery
  6. Self-Knowledge / Self-Worth
  7. Transformative Experiences



Chapel and the Non-Religious

Rebranding Chapel: Creating a Platform for Leadership

Sustainability, Ethics, and Spirituality

Concrete Spirituality: How Our Surroundings Matter 

Articulating Spiritual and Religious Beliefs: An Urgent Exercise for Schools

Three Things Schools Can Do to Reduce Spiritual Voids

Nourishing the Well: Faculty Self-Care

Craft the Extraordinary Out of the Ordinary

How Three CSEE Schools Teach Peace 

What Tangled Webs We Leave 

Hope Springs

The Immunity Deal

The Social Network

The Smile Function 

Setting Goals for Spiritual Growth

Service Learning and Spiritual Development 

Dancing with the Stars 

Unlocking our Inner Voice Helping our Children Find Their Story


Virtual Department 

These one-hour virtual meetings are for those doing chaplaincy work in their schools.


As Chaplains, we jointly share a wealth of perspectives and approaches to our work. Accessing those ideas and resources is another matter, given the often isolated nature of our roles.


Our department meets monthly during the school year to bridge the distance between our campuses, offering a point of conversation and reflection on our practice and the shifting contexts in which we find ourselves. Sometimes we focus on how we manage our roles - how do we stay fresh and how do we balance priorities? Other times we turn our attention to what we do - what leads to a student driven experience and what fosters a sense of inclusion?


Feel free to drop into our meetings when you're able. Each one hour gathering is formatted as a stand alone discussion. We open with a brief check-in before engaging with the topic of the day. For anyone who wishes to gather ideas on an emergent situation unrelated to the topic, a few of us remain after the hour to offer support. We are, first and foremost, a gathering of colleagues.

About Our Group Facilitator:
Currently serving as the Chaplain and Faculty Mentor at St. Michaels University School, Keven Fletcher divides his time between public speaking, process facilitation, and exploring life choices with staff and students. The 1,000 strong community draws from five continents and twenty-five countries. As an ordained minister within the United Church of Canada, his former role centered on congregational ministry in the midst of crisis. Earlier in his career, Keven worked with an organizational change and development firm, specializing in values identification and organizational culture within both the private and public sectors. Alongside these endeavors, Keven headed a non-profit that promoted discussion on ethics within the corporate community, including the establishment of a regional ethics award in conjunction with the country’s largest credit union. He also served on the boards of outreach societies that focused on providing food, shelter, and services to members of the street community. An avid teller of wisdom stories, Keven drew his favorites together to form the core of a novel, When It Matters Most, and investigated the ethical implications in a paper, 'Cultural Appropriation and the Telling of Wisdom Stories.'


Keven lives in Victoria, British Columbia with his amazingly resilient wife of over 25 years. Their daughter is currently completing another Master’s in Scotland, causing him moments of intense jealousy. He copes by commuting on his bike, playing with his camera, and enjoying great food with friends.



Upcoming Meetings:


They will be the second Tuesday of each month.  Register here.



About Virtual Department Meetings

Many educators in CSEE focus areas are in a "department of one" at their schools (ie. the only service learning director, the only world religions teacher). Virtual Department Meetings are an opportunity for these educators to connect with their peers in other independent schools, to talk shop and to share ideas. These meetings are free for CSEE members, and $100 per year for non-members.



    Spiritual Audit Form
    CSEE's Spiritual Audit Form is a brief survey for teachers and administrators to examine whether there are areas of the school that may be furthering the school’s mission for spiritual development, or that may be hindering progress.


    Spiritual Climate Survey 
    CSEE’s Spiritual Climate Survey
    is a 28-item questionnaire to help schools assess student perceptions of the school’s environment for spiritual growth. 



    What is Spirituality? with Bob Mattingly

    Adolescent Spirituality with Arron Twitchell

    The Spirituality of Environmental Ethics

    Setting Goals for Spiritual Growth with David Streight


    Books & Publications



    CSEE’s Pathmaps Project gathered the creativity and experience of educators from both secular and religiously affiliated schools to prepare curricular suggestions and activities for spiritual development. 

    »View the activities online



    Social Awareness: Serving God in the World

    Lessons on uniqueness, prejudice, prayer, and the handicapped, including projects with the needy, the elderly, and fundraising education. Includes rationales, objectives, workshops, lesson plans, activity sheets, and bibliographies. Available via for download (.pdf) at no additional cost to CSEE members. 


    »Find more recommended publications on spiritual development available for purchase.



    CSEE offers unparalleled consultations that are unique to your school and your specific challenges. Available in-person, via phone and your computer. 


    Mailing List 

    Click here to receive information on future CSEE events and webinars dealing with spirituality.  


    Links to External Sites


    1.'s mission is to help people find, and walk, a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness.

    2. Spirituality and Practice provides resources for spiritual journeys.

    3. The Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence is a global initiative to advance the research and practice of this important and understudied domain of human development.


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