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Your School’s Goals are Our Mission

CSEE partners with independent schools to make goals a reality.


Who is CSEE

For 120 years, CSEE has stood as the leading resource for schools committed to teaching fairness, and to graduating compassionate students who have leadership skills, integrity, and a mind toward service, equity and social justice. There has probably never been a more important time for independent schools to do quality work in these areas, and CSEE is here to help. We invite you to join a growing community of schools that has stood the test of time. Independent schools that partner with CSEE have access to leading-edge resources backed by research, to expert voices and to an active network. 

The following are some questions often asked by schools interested in membership: 

What resources does CSEE provide? 

Our mission is to provide independent schools with the resources they need to better achieve their missions, specifically in the areas that go beyond the academic--such as kindness, integrity, leadership, etc. 

Our resources are on topics such as: diversity, character, leadership, conflict resolution, honor systems / integrity, service learning, world religions, spirituality/ mindfulness, advisory, ethics, PK & bias, character & play, and grief.  

We are also a “hub” for schools to share and listen to great practices going on at other independent schools. These topics are furthered by providing: events around the country, webinars, books, in-person consultation, and certification.  

What does CSEE membership provide?

CSEE Members are given a reduced price on:
  -  Events (click here to see this year’s events)
  -  Publications 
  -  Consultation 
CSEE Members have free access to:
  -  Faculty / Staff Webinars 
  -  Parent Webinars 
  -  Connections, our quarterly journal 

Some services are limited to CSEE members: 
  -  CSEE Certification 
  -  Exemplar School Prize Submission
  -  Great Ideas Submission
  -  Three Year Partnership
  -  CSEE member logo for member's website to underscore commitment to character and ethics.

What are annual school membership dues?

More than 1,501 students: $1,975
1001-1500 students: $1,875
751-1,000 students: $1,775
501-750 students: $1,500
351-500 students: $1,300
201-350 students: $900
101-200 students: $600
Under 100 students: $300
International Schools (outside USA): $600

What if my school cannot afford the membership cost?
Some of our members pay more than is required of them for membership to provide funds for schools going through a difficult financial time. If your school would like to join, but the cost would be difficult, get in contact with CSEE Executive Director Bob Mattingly to explore price reduction. 

Do you have resources for parents?
Yes, we offer a variety of webinars for parents of children of all ages. Our quarterly journal, Connections, has a section designed for schools to share with their parent community. All of these resources are free with membership. 

Is CSEE a religious organization?
No, CSEE's mission is not affiliated with any religious mission, nor does CSEE seek to advance one.  A little more than half of our member schools are secular. The other half are a mixture of religious schools from almost all faith traditions.  That said, we do offer services to help schools accurately teach about religious traditions to build cultural literacy and to help ensure that no religious tradition is “demonized.”

What does the "spiritual" in CSEE's title mean?
The full explanation of the term “spiritual” is the subject of an all-day conference. That said, when we use the term "spiritual" it can, but does not have to include, the concept of the divine. Spiritual is a person's active interrelationship with things outside of themselves, such as a person’s ability to give and draw strength from other people, the environment, etc.  

How is CSEE unique from other associations? 

For 120 years, CSEE's mission has been to provide independent schools with the resources they need to better achieve their missions, specifically in the areas that go beyond the academic--such as kindness, integrity, leadership, etc. There are other associations that do elements of this work and some that work with public, charter, and independent schools. CSEE differs from other associations in our singular focus on social emotional/character work for the independent school audience.  




CSEE | 910 M Street NW #722, Washington, DC 20001 | (800) 298-4599



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