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Pathmaps: Self Knowledge / Self Worth
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Self Knowledge / Self Worth

The biographies of spiritual exemplars show how spiritual growth brings with it an increase in personal power, confidence, and courage. We can help our students grow in courage. Their personal strength can, in turn, make growth easier for their peers.

Classroom Activities

Story of Your Name
This simple icebreaker exercise is designed to develop an awareness of personal history and heritage, and the power of naming things in developing significance in our lives. Link to this activity

What Makes You Happy?
For lower, middle and upper school students, this activity touches on what truely makes one happy. Link to this activity

For upper school and upper middle grades, "ID me" is an activity designed to uncover and explore how pervasive and invasive stereotypes are for high school students. It is a process of acting toward others rather than acting out. Link to this activity

See all Pathmaps Activities for Self Knowledge / Self Worth by clicking the "More in this Section" link above [Please note that some of these activities are for CSEE Members Only]

Questions for Students

Who, or what, helps you understand yourself and your life better?

What are your talents?

What do you most trust/ distrust about yourself?

Do you have what you might call a "spiritual guide" or "spiritual teacher"?

What moments have told you the most about yourself? What memories come to mind?

In what ways have I grown, or lost ground, in the last few years?

Do I make specific time for introspection? Stress reduction? Creativity?

Questions for Schools

How does the mission statement acknowledge the value of developing self knowledge and self worth?

In what ways do we challenge our students to “take the high road” and make choices to be their best selves?

To what extent is academic success linked to self worth?

How are new people welcomed to our school community?

Does our curriculum, student assessment, and disciplinary system help the student to acquire self-knowledge and a sense of self worth?

Values & Beliefs
Intentional Action
Meaning & Purpose
Awe & Mystery
Transformative Experiences


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