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Pathmaps: Relationship
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Relationship (Interconnectedness)

What is the nature of our connection to one another? To what extent, and how, are we connected to the animal kingdom, to the natural world? Are we children of our families, or children of the cosmos? The answers to these spiritual questions define how we will interact with those around us and with the greater world.

Classroom Activities

Circles of Interconnectedness
This activity, adaptable for lower, middle and upper school students, explores relationships-- especially those points of connectedness that are overlooked. Link to activity

Story of Your Name
This simple icebreaker exercise is designed to develop an awareness of personal history and heritage, and the power of naming things in developing significance in our lives. Link to activity

Nature Visualization
This exercise helps lower, middle, and upper school students evaluate and develop their connections to the natural world by invoking their memories as a springboard. Link to activity

See all Pathmaps Activities for Relationship/ Interconnectedness by clicking on the "More in this Section" link above [Please note that some of these activities are for CSEE Members Only].

Questions for Students

Who or what are you connected to?

What does it mean to be a friend?

Is human life more important than other forms of life? If so, how much more so?

How do you repair a damaged relationship?

How has sexism, racism, etc., affected relationships in your life?

To what living or non-living things do I feel most connected (or attached)? From what things do I feel most disconnected?

Does technology enhance or hinder your relationships?

Do I make consistent efforts to maintain my friendships? Have I ever tried to repair a friendship after an argument?

Questions for Schools

How does our school address the relationship between human life and the environment?

How does our school teach and model conflict resolution?

How do faculty and administrators act as models for students?

Does our school have a clear harassment policy?

Is bullying handled in such a way that appropriate help is given to both the victim and the bully?

How do we create space and time for enhancing awareness of environmental and humanitarian concerns?

How do we honor the diversity of our teachers and students so they know they are valued members of the community?

Values & Beliefs
Intentional Action
Meaning & Purpose
Awe & Mystery
Self-Knowledge / Self-Worth
Transformative Experiences


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