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Pathmaps: Intentional Action
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Intentional Action

Spiritual action is intentional action; increased attention leads to increased intentionality, to living a life of integrity. Attention enables us to discern whether our values and beliefs are congruent with our actions. The spiritual seeds of intentional action push us toward service, toward healing the world we share with others

Classroom Activities

Constructing Sacred Space
This activity looks at Awe & Mystery, Relationships and Intentional Action through identifying and creating sacred spaces. Suitable for lower, middle and upper school students. Link to activity

Discovering Prayer
A range of activities to help lower and middle school students begin to explore ways of praying. The suggestions given come from the Christian tradition, but some may be adapted appropriately for other traditions. Link to activity

Labryinths as Tools for Reflection
Labyrinths have been used for centuries throughout the world. There are several ideas about how and why they were used in different cultures, but there is a long history of the use of labyrinths for spiritual growth. The focus of this lesson is on their use as a medium for meditation and prayer and a way into silence and reflection. For middle and upper school. Link to activity

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Questions for Students

What is the value of silence?

Do you pray? How do you pray?

How does what you wear reflect your philosophical or spiritual beliefs?

What regular practices or rituals do you participate in to help you stay healthy or connected to what is most important to you?

How intentional are you about the way you consume?

How do I give back to my community or for “the common good”?

How do I start and finish my day? Why?

Questions for Schools

Does our school's community service program encourage reflection on the service students perform?

Do faculty members model service for students?

What tools/ skills are we offering students to help them be attentive to their lives?

How does (or would) a commitment to intentional action affect our curriculum?

How can we be more intentional with our school’s rites of passage, ceremonies, rituals, and traditions?

How do we support faculty in modeling intentional action for our students?

Values & Beliefs
Meaning & Purpose
Awe & Mystery
Self-Knowledge / Self-Worth
Transformative Experiences


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