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Pathmaps: Awe & Mystery
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Awe and Mystery

The forces at work in our lives are deeper, and greater, than our individual selves. This fundamental sense of the “mysteriousness” of life is inspired by the natural world, by music, by art, by our talents and those of others. Great art, music, and other achievements are both reflections of the spirit and gateways to the divine.

Classroom Activities

Constructing Sacred Space
This activity looks at Awe & Mystery, Relationships and Intentional Action through identifying and creating sacred spaces. Suitable for lower, middle and upper school students. Link to activity

Group Meditation and Prayer
This exercise helps children to become part of creating a safe environment where they can share with each other those things that are important to them, those things that are close to their hearts. For lower and middle school students. Link to activity

Solo Time in Nature
This activity gives students an opportunity to reflect and be by themselves in the outdoors. This activity works well with a unit on ecology or transcendentalism. It is most useful if it is done multiple times over the course of a semester rather than a one time occurrence. For middle and upper school students. Link to activity

See all Pathmaps Activities for Awe & Mystery by clicking on the "More in this section" link above [Please note that some of these activities are for CSEE Members Only]

Questions for Students

What activities make you lose track of time, or put you in the "zone"?

What do you get passionate about? What takes your breath away?

What makes you most aware of how big/small or unknown the world is?

Have you ever had an epiphany or peak moment?

Who or what amazes, energizes, inspires, or scares you?

Has a work of art ever moved or inspired you?

Questions for Schools

How do we balance the rational and the intuitive in our school?

In what ways does our school mission statement support a sense of awe and mystery for understanding our minds and our world?

How do we create space and time for awe and mystery in our school?

Do students have the opportunity to share where they have encountered mystery/unknown?

How do we give students opportunities to encounter the strange and the different?

Values & Beliefs
Intentional Action
Meaning & Purpose
Self-Knowledge / Self-Worth
Transformative Experiences


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