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Character Education Resources
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Starting with a Pause: How Restorative Communication Transforms Schools

How to Raise Kind Kids: Six Tips to Share with Parents

Slowing Things Down: Partnering with Parents During Adolescent Struggles

Character Education and Academic Achievement 

Can Gratitude Bring Compassion and Healing to a Divided World

The Tough Task

Prevention of Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation, and Victimization in Schools: Research-Guided Policy and Practice

Magical Books for Moral (character) Growth in Lower School

School-wide Strategies for Student Well-Being

Building Resilient Students and Schools 

Eight Tips for to Develop Caring Kids

Teaching Peace 

Creating and Building the Newman Way

Resilience, Mindfulness & ADHD

Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Promoting Student Success




How to Listen, with Dr. Ellen Honnet

Washington, DC  •  October 29, 2019


21st-Century Citizenship
Online Course  •  Oct. 30, Nov. 6, Nov. 13, & Nov. 20, 2019


Character and the Arts - Day 1    
Washington, DC  •  November 14, 2019


Character and the Arts - Day 2    
Washington, DC  •  November 15, 2019


Character Ed: The Research Behind Motivation, Performance and Well-Being    

Online Course  •  Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Dec. 3, 2019


The What, Why, and How of a Restorative Approach to Discipline

Online Course  •  Jan. 23, Jan. 30, Feb. 6, and Feb. 13, 2020


Early Ed IV, with Scott Zimmerman
New York, NY  •  
March 2, 2020


K-8: Character & Play     
Atlanta, GA  •  March 6, 2020 


Deans of Students Summit

San Francisco, CA  •  March 16-17, 2020


Fostering Kindness in Kids 
with Tom Lickona, Ph.D. 

Dallas, TX  •  March 30, 2020 


Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Academics 
with Lauren Porosoff 

Los Angeles, CA  •  March 16, 2020


Conflict Resolution
New York, NY  •  April 6-7, 2020 


Educating Good Men for the 21st Century 

Atlanta, GA  •  April 20-21, 2020  


Parent Presentation: Boyhood for the 21st Century
Atlanta, GA  •  April 21, 2020





Published by CSEE

Breaking Into the Heart of Character: Self-Determined Moral Action and Academic Motivation

Breaking into the Heart of Character focuses on our ability to catalyze internal motivation, to promote social growth and moral climates in both schools and families. 




Building Moral Communities: A Guide for Educators

This book’s 100 pages of practical suggestions are written for administrators, teachers, coaches, and others in K-12 schools. It includes background on how morals develop, games / activities to facilitate moral growth, and discusses the importance of community service and academic advising programs. 


Finding Your Way: A Play-Based Guide to Character Development in Schools

A wealth of lesson plans for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade to help develop values and spark important discussions on feelings, friendship, communication and leadership. 





Highly Effective Programs: Character Education for Independent Schools

A research-based, point-by-point, easy to read guidebook for independent school educators who care about creating a climate that nurtures the development of empathy, altruism, conscience, and moral thinking. 





Creating Classrooms and Homes of Virtue

The most ambitious curriculum project in the 106-year history of CSEE, Creating Classrooms is a character education resource for teachers and parents of children in grades Pre-K through 6th grade. (Four volumes, one each for grades Pre-K/K, 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.) Note, this publication is out of print and currently in the process of being updated. The estimated publication date for the revised version is Fall 2019. 



Discipline for Moral Growth

Misbehavior can be curbed in such a way that the misbehaving child’s autonomy and competence are still fostered, and such that the child is easily reintegrated into the classroom community. In contrast to disciplinary approaches that too often leave children frustrated and angry, Developmental Discipline fosters the kind of climate that leads to moral growth in schools. 




Good Things To Do: Expert Suggestions for Fostering Goodness in Kids

We asked several of the foremost names in child development and education to offer their practical wisdom for helping young people grow in goodness, compassion, understanding, development of the spirit, and more. What they offered are treasures, both readable and of tremendous importance. 




Parenting for Character: Five Experts, Five Practices

Four decades of research point to five practices that, when implemented by parents, lead to the development of children who are altruistic and empathic, and who have strong consciences and moral reasoning skills. 





Allow Your Children to Fail if You Want Them to Succeed

Pediatrician and former CSEE Trustee Avril Beckford offers practical suggestions to both parents and school staff members in this book. 




The Grounds On Which We Dwell

Series of twelve essays by the former director of the Council for Religion in Independent Schools (now CSEE) on establishing a moral community at school. 




CSEE offers unparalleled consultations that are unique to your school and your specific character education challenges. Available in-person, via phone and your computer. 


Certification Program

A program that guides a school in self-examination of its culture and climate followed by a site visit by educators from other CSEE schools to offer guidance on how a school can improve its climate. 

Recordings / Podcasts

Webinar Recordings

The Unstorying of a School Community: A 360 Degree Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum
with Dr. Nicole Miller

The Mission Driven Board 
with Dr. Brooke Carroll

The Changing Role of Athletics in Family Life
with Jen Cort

Teaching Boys
with Scott Zimmerman

The Moral Case for Play
with Judd Levingston

FDC: Faculty in Prevention: Relationship and Stress and Substance Abuse
by Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation 

Educating for Character, Post-Election
with Tim Leet

Teacher Self-Care
with Amy Wright Glenn

Teaching the Intrinsic Value of Leadership
with Becky Anderson

Maximizing Outreach and Impact: Cultivating Intergenerational Relationships
with Andrea Weaver

Got Conflict? Learn to Manage it Skillfully
with Dick Barbieri

Structuring a Character Development Program

The Compassionate Life: A Guide for High School Discussion

Breaking into the Heart of Character at School 

Character Education, Moral Education and SEL: Let's Understand the Concepts

How Rewards Kill Motivation

Feedback, Praise and Criticism

Fostering Purpose at School

Eight Tips for Developing Caring Kids

Moving from Health and Wellness to Wellness and Well-Being at School



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