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How many of these sound familiar? 

  1. How do you make time for developing students when there is so much pressure on academics?
  2. How can I reduce discipline issues so I can actually focus on teaching?
  3. How can I effectively reach difficult students?
  4. Is it possible to get my administration to change?
  5. I want to try new curricula, but how can I do that without spending hundreds of my own money?
  6. My students are asking about spirituality (or religion) but I don't know how to confidently address them.

These are questions that you most likely have asked yourself at one point in your career as an educator. Budget pressures, high-stakes testing and enrollment challenges in the last 25 years have put an increasing amount of pressure on teachers.

CSEE can help you: 

  • Learn to confidently deal with difficult classroom issues
  • Improve teacher and peer relationships
  • Develop resilient, compassionate, intrinsically motivated young people
  • Boost academics at the same time

Transform the character of young people, and you begin to transform the world. 


When you carefully implement initiatives for character education, you begin to improve teacher and peer relationships, build students' character and boost academics, all at the same time. And there is no additional curriculum for you to purchase or implement. The key is instilling autonomy, competence and building relationships with your students. These are simple, practical techniques that every teacher can implement everyday, in every classroom.

How do you get started? 

No matter where you are in your career, CSEE resources are designed to help you achieve your vision:
  1. CLICK: Get Simply Solid Strategies emailed monthly (it's free)

  2. JOIN: If you school is not a member (of even if they are), you can join as an individual learner and get a highly-discounted professional development package and access to all the resources on our site.

  3. BROWSE: Browse our resources to see helpful articles, books and media or search by topic(Note, some of this content is only available to members.)

  4. TRAIN: Learn from our nation's top experts at one of our professional development events, and leave with a network of school professionals who share your commitment to ethics and character development and/or spiritual development.

  5. READ: Read a copy of the "mind bending books" below.

  6. LISTEN: Listen to the podcast about a teacher named Marie-Claire Wonacott, a first grade teacher at Lot Whitcomb School in Milwuakie, Oregon. After reading Marilyn Watson's book, she reported that the new techniques made teaching so much more fun, gave her hope, and she single-handedly started a movement that changed her entire school culture. 

  7. SEND: Send us your stories of amazing classroom transformations.


Mind-Bending Books

  • Breaking Into the Heart of Character by David Streight. Breaking into the Heart of Character outlines evidence-based strategies that get past the talk and focuses on your ability as a teacher to catalyze internal motivation (academic and ethical), social growth and moral climates. The text is less than 100 pages and is written in a very approachable style. 
  • Discipline for Moral Growth by Marilyn Watson. The traditional way educators “do” classroom management and discipline in our schools leaves many students angry, frustrated, unwilling and uninterested in improving future relationships. Through a compelling story of one teacher’s efforts, Watson outlines a new way to approach discipline that has the power to reduce recidivism rates and nurture ethical leaders. This book is a summary of the principles in Watson’s Learning to Trust. Unless you keep rereading passages because they’re so good, it’s a powerful but an easy read (less than 50 pages).
  • Pathmaps by CSEE. Spiritual development transcends the boundaries of both culture and religion. Pathmaps is a collection of classroom activities that help students explore areas of student development such values and beliefs, meaning and purpose, self-knowledge and self-worth within a multi-faith or secular environment (or single-faith, depending on your school). This is a quick read that is written in a practical, reference style so you can quickly refer back to the issue you want to explore.



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