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Teens & Sex

Posted By Amanda Leaman, Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teens and Sex

In 2011, 47 percent of US high school students surveyed reported having had sexual intercourse. 


A third of that group said they had had sex within the last 3 months. Fifteen percent had had four or more different partners so far. Nearly 750,000 teens become pregnant each year - the vast majority (82 percent) of these pregnancies are unintended. By comparison, the United States' teen pregnancy rate is over three times that of Germany (19 percent), almost three times that of France (26 percent) and over four times that of the Netherlands (14 percent).


Source: Sex Schools and Social Suicide, Kevin Ryan, MercatorNet,



Abstinence Education - is this the way?

Turning some of these problematic facts into practical solutions can be a controversial task or a matter of trial and error ("let's see what sticks"). We see passionate political debates across the board about the right approach--is it more important to promote safer-sex practices, abstinence education in schools, or a combination of the two? What happens when the effectiveness of practices clashes with personal beliefs?


See character educator Tom Lickona's views in Excellence & Ethics, which lay out many of the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs' arguments for abstinence education.


Click here to read the articles


The "True Love Test"

A truly loving relationship, based on mutual respect and caring, requires a combination of wisdom and sensitivity. Tom Lickona's test is designed to help students look objectively at the character of a person they are romantically attracted to or involved with.


Click here to see the test


Tags:  [Grade: Lower]  [Grade: Middle]  [Grade: Upper]  [Subject: Moral Development & Character Education]  [Type: Article]  [User Group: Administration]  [User Group: Parents]  [User Group: Teachers]  abstinence  love  self-control  sex  well-being 

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