We believe spiritual development transcends individual religious traditions [and thrives within it]. No other organization in the nation has the experience and resources to help schools create community-wide spiritual awareness and inclusiveness.

Spirituality and Religion: 

Spirituality is an important aspect of holistic student development. Young people are searching for answers to questions about their identity, life’s meaning and purpose, and the existence of something greater than themselves. 

For many, spirituality is synonymous with religious practice, but spiritual development transcends the boundaries of both culture and religion. A 2003 study by Search Institute of over 6,500 persons in 8 countries including young people from every major religion and some not identifying as religious at all, suggests that some kind of spiritual quest is a universal developmental process. 

What we do:

At CSEE we believe that a student’s spiritual quest should not be checked at the school door. For over 100 years, we’ve helped educators assist students in developing congruence between their inner and outer lives. We know that the quest for meaning and purpose in life, and grappling with other important questions, leads not just to greater satisfaction in life, but also to greater health. 

For a list of services, tools and materials we provide to assist your school, visit our spiritual resources page.

CSEE is not affiliated with any religious organization and does not promote a specific religious belief through our programs.  

What if my school already has a specific religious tradition?

While we believe that there are many facets of spiritual life that are relevant to all students regardless of religious tradition (or no tradition at all), we acknowledge that spirituality may be defined more specifically in schools affiliated with a religious tradition. 

Educators in our religiously affiliated schools have expertise regarding the religious beliefs, practices, and histories of their traditions, but they are not often trained in the process of educating for the spiritual development of young people. CSEE’s mission is to respect a schools’ religious expertise while helping schools develop a competency in the intricacies of spiritual development. 

To begin a conversation about developing a healthy spiritual climate in your school,  please send an email to David Streight.

CSEE’s mission and philosophy disavow discrimination based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. Our policies in this regard extend to all aspects of our programs, employment and services.


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